Gallery Clarendon has almost 3,000 square feet of artist studio space upstairs from the Gallery. Studio Clarendon provides artist with studio space in a well light, urban environment, and Metro accessible. Studio space ranges in price from $2 to $3.50 a square foot.
  • Studio 8 & 9 each $150 a month 60 square feet of display space only. Artist must supply display wall or rack. Art for sale in the studio area will have a 5% commission taken.
  • Studio 10 a work and display space $240 a month 97.9 square feet
  • Studio 24 a work and display space $220 110 square feet
  • Studio 20 a work and display space $400 160 square feet, with a door to close off the space private area
Please contact the Studio Manager, Steena Fullmer at to inquire about availability.
Studio Rentals