Member Fees

Gallery Membership fees are $175 for a 5-month term.

Full Name

Studio Rentals

Gallery Clarendon has almost 3,000 square feet of artist studio space upstairs from the Gallery. Studio Clarendon provides artist with studio space in a well light, urban environment, and Metro accessible. Studio space ranges in price from $2 to $3.50 a square foot.

Bin Space

Bin Space Available to all AAA members

All Arlington Artists Alliance members are invited to keep a bin full of shrinkwraps, prints, giclees, reproductions, or small unframed canvases upstairs in the studio area of Gallery Clarendon in our “Bin Gallery.”┬áThe fee for renting a bin space is $25 per month, payable in 5-month increments at $125. Bins provided by artist.