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I am inspired by the overwhelming beauty and serenity of nature, its subtle shifts in color and mood, its warmth and its ferocity. The sea is particularly compelling to me as a painter—the reassuring sound and rythm of the tides, the vast blue, the stillness and the roar.
When I paint, I allow my moods and my instincts to guide me, from selection of color to application. My goal is to preserve as much spontaneity and rhythm as possible, not overworking the paint, so that the energy of the painting remains and the force of the brushstrokes are preserved. Oil is my medium of choice, although I paint in acrylics as well, sometimes as an underpainting, and recently have been exploring cold wax and oil.
Painting has always been my passion. My artwork has been exhibited internationally, and my paintings have been collected across the U.S. and Europe. Please go upstairs at Gallery Clarendon to see some of my paintings!
In addition to her painting career, Donna Lomangino has been the principal and creative director of Lomangino Studio, an award-winning design firm, since 1988.